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Pump Propeller

IJsselstroom B.V. started as a consultancy company at the end of 2006.

The company is located in Doesburg, the Netherlands,
Doesburg is an ancient trading city along the river IJssel.
IJsselstroom means the stream of the river IJssel.

Our scope is commissioning, supervision, automation and process optimising.

Further we can assist in trouble shooting in several disciplines, provide assistance in the design, mainly concentrated on the practical and maintenance part.
If you need all-round experienced manpower for a period of time, contact IJsselstroom.

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IJsselstroom - Supervision:

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Installation thrust and radial bearings

In behalf of the client we can supervise the work during assembly or erection of individual machines or during complete plant construction.
Pre-testing of installed equipment is an option to safe expensive time later during the commissioning stage.
Supervision and pre-commissioning is then combined.
On the spot engineering and correction of drawings, in the event of component mismatching, can reduce the total project time, resulting in lower project costs.
If needed, we can witness factory tests.

Supervision means checking the work executed by other parties.
The goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of the work.
Supervision also includes good preparations of the work to be executed, maximum safety, environmental awareness and quality control.
Constant monitoring of the work during assembling and construction, checking important dimensions and other related quality items are performed in close cooperation with the client.
All documents / reports can be made in accordance with the standards or lay-out as required by the client.

Propeller mounting
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IJsselstroom - Commissioning:

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Commissioning starts with pre-commissioning, including a full inspection of the installation and prepare for start-up, either for a single machine or a complete system.
Good knowledge of mechanical and electrical installations, LV, MV and HV panels, instrumentation, hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC, SCADA programs and servo controls is required.
It is important to understand the complete system, this to maximize the performance of the complete installation and the complete process.

Aligning pumps
PLC programming

The goal of commissioning is to integrate al individual machines and control panels to a single system that will operate highly efficient, runs reliable and is long lasting.
Many times this requires on the spot engineering and programming to match al the different individual systems.
All-round technical knowledge is a must in these situations.
As built drawings can be prepared on site, depending on the available software.
Final acceptance certificates, site acceptance certificates, hand over certificates etc. can be produced as required by the end user or client.

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IJsselstroom - Process-control:

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Operating a system fully automatic is more the only setting parameters. local conditions do have a great effect on how to design a fully automatic system.
The most forgotten part in the automatic control is the frequent power fluctuations and power failures in certain parts of the world.
Together with the customer we can advise in a set-up of an intelligent automatic process.

Design of an automatic process, either solid state (relay technology) or PLC control should be kept as simple as possible and safe.
Local work cultures required a different approach in programming and also in response control.
SCADA systems, HMI (human-machine-interfaces) should show the operators only the minimum required parameters to handle the process safe.
Too much information distracts the operators and will cause operational errors.

Correct cable connections
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IJsselstroom - Optimising:

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Optimum operation requires a system that is designed to match all the machines.
Over-designed or under-designed machines not only operate outside their duty-point but will also consume more energy !!
Further more the operational life time of these machines can be reduced dramatically.
Manufacturers are then blamed for delivering a poor quality machine, but in reality the design of the system failed !!
We can be helpful in an optimum design resulting in a reduced CO2 output.

Adjust optimum control
OPtimising operation

The lay out of the machine hall and the required space to access service areas is often not satisfactory.
A good study of the minimum required space around a unit can safe maintenance costs and makes a fast repair possible, thus reducing the shut-down time.
Daily or frequent inspection points should be easy accessible to avoid that these checks are not executed due to difficult access.
As space is expensive now a day, many machines are installed in narrow places.
Once the machine has to be repaired or overhauled the costs can be extreme due to limited space.

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IJsselstroom - Training:

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Training operators

On site training for the management, the operators and the maintenance staff.
The training can include the theory behind the system, background of the design, design parameters, practical training and more.
Maintenance training, the use of proper tools and special tools.
Maintenance management, asset management, to reduce operational costs and increase reliability.

We also can assist in case manpower is needed for a certain period of time.
We can assist your engineers during construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning during busy periods.

ABC diesel, AvK generator
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IJsselstroom - Experience:

Thanks for your visit !

Merchant marine engineer and nautical officer.
Commissioning of pumps and complete pump stations for fire-fighting on-shore and off-shore, drinking-water, waste-water, irrigation-water, general industry, oil and gas industry and shipping.
Electrical and mechanical system design for ships, industry and other applications.

Control room and SCADA
Hydraulic mounting

Available inspection and measuring tools; Heine flexible endo-scoop, vibration meter, GMC-calibrator, Fluke-multi-meter, ampere meters (AC and DC).
500V / 5kV / 10kV DC insulation testers, digital oscilloscoop, optical tachometer,
IR-thermometer, Leica distance meter,
Flexim F-601 ultra sonic portable flow meter, pressure sensor calibrator and more.
Soon we hope to have vibration analysing equipment.

IJsselstroom Consultancy B.V. the Netherlands